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I am a researcher, designer, artist and educator currently working at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). My practice is grounded in Internet Studies, and explores the sociotechnical dynamics of networked sharing and distributed culture-making.

Research Projects

2010-14 PhD. Community Arts and Appropriate Internet Technology. Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. Principal supervisor, Jean Burgess.

2013-14 Research assistant. Creative Exchange Northern Ireland (CXNI). Principal investigators: Michael Alcorn (QUB) and Karen Fleming (UU).

2011-12 Research assistant. Internet Histories. Chief investigator: Gerard Goggin (USYD).

2010 Research assistant. Mapping Online Publics. Chief investigators: Jean Burgess (QUT) and Axel Bruns (QUT).

Peer Reviewed Papers

Shea, P. (2013). Co-Creating Knowledge Online: Approaches for Community Artists. Cultural Science. 6:1

Shea, P. (2013). Resistance is Feral: Community Arts, Digital Culture, and the New Cultural Gatekeepers. In International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Sydney.

Shea, P. (2013). The Community Art of “Reprogramming” Networks. In International Association for Media and Communications Research (IAMCR). Dublin.

Shea, P. (2013). Appropriate Approaches to Online Community: An Information Design Experiment. In International Association for Media and Communications Research (IAMCR). Dublin.

Shea, P. (2012). Network-making and Network-broking as Community Arts Practice. In Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program. Oxford.

Shea, P. (2011). Visualising Invisible Networks As Collaborative Arts Practice. In International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Istanbul.

Wilson, C. Hutchinson, J. Shea, P. (2010) Public Service Broadcasting, Creative Industries and Innovation Infrastructure: The Case of ABC’s Pool. Australian Journal of Communication. 37:3 pp15-32

Awards and Fellowships

2013 Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR). Funded visit to the Social Media Collective.

2012 Oxford Internet Institute. Summer Doctoral Program.

2010 Queensland University of Technology. Doctoral scholarship.

2007 Australia Council for the Arts. Travel bursary, India.

2006 Australia Council for the Arts. Project grant.

2005 Australia Council for the Arts. Artist/producer fellowship.

2004 Banff Centre for the Arts. Artist in residence fellowship.

Invited Lectures

2008 Alfred Deakin Innovation Lectures (Melbourne, Australia)

2006 Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga, Australia)

2005 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) (Melbourne, Australia)

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Gallery of Modern Art w/ boat-people (Brisbane, Australia)

2010 Cockatoo Island Artist Residency w/ boat-people (Sydney, Australia)

2009 International Symposium of Electronic Art (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

2009 Creative Sydney Festival (Sydney, Australia)

2008 Light In Winter Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

2008 Electrofringe Festival (Newcastle, Australia)

2006 Next Wave Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

2004 d'ART (Sydney, Australia)

2002 Melbourne Festival w/ boat-people (Melbourne, Australia)

Design Experience

2000-2010 Freelance designer.

2007-2008 Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Senior Designer.

1999-2000 Oven Digital. Web designer.

1997-1999 Abuzz Technologies. Touchscreen interface designer.

1995-1997 Dedicated Micros. Web designer.

Selected Community Projects

2012-13 Community Arts and the Internet Field Guides - free PDF publications. Download here and here.

2009-2010 ABC Pool - online community manager (Sydney, Australia)

2008 Gift of Light - community artist (Melbourne, Australia)

2007-2008 Artists in Schools Program - artist in residence (Melbourne, Australia)

2004 Next Wave Festival - community artist (Melbourne, Australia)

2003 Melbourne Aquarium - community artist (Melbourne, Australia)

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