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researcher / educator / designer / artist

My practice is grounded in Internet Studies and explores the socio-technical dynamics of networked sharing and the ethics of contemporary culture making. I have worked extensively as a researcher, designer, and trainer, and have exhibited artistic work in Australia, the UK, and Canada.


PhD Thesis - Community Arts and Appropriate Internet Technology: Participation, Materiality, and the Ethics of Sustainability in the Networked Era. Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Supervisors: Jean Burgess, John Banks, Oksana Zelenko. 2010-14 >>

Creative Exchange Northern Ireland (CXNI) - Research assistant, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2013-14 >>

Internet Histories - Research assistant, University of Sydney, Australia. 2011-12 >>

Mapping Online Publics - Research assistant, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. 2010 >>


Shea, P., T. Notley, J. Burgess. (Eds.) (Forthcoming). Entanglements: Activism and Technology. Fibreculture Journal. Issue 24. >>

Shea, P. (Forthcoming). DIY Citizenship in the ‘New Northern Ireland’: the Case of a Belfast Makerspace. In Civic Media Reader, Eds. E. Gordon and P. Mihailidis. Cambridge: MIT Press. >>

Shea, P., M. Haughton, M. Alcorn, K. Fleming. (2014). Northern Ireland’s Creative Meshworks: Tracing Ad Hoc Knowledge Exchange. In Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA). London. >>

Shea, P. (2013). Co-Creating Knowledge Online: Approaches for Community Artists. Cultural Science. 6:1 >>

Shea, P. (2013). Resistance is Feral: Community Arts, Digital Culture, and the New Cultural Gatekeepers. In International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Sydney. >>

Wilson, C., J. Hutchinson, P. Shea. (2010) Public Service Broadcasting, Creative Industries and Innovation Infrastructure: The Case of ABC’s Pool. Australian Journal of Communication. 37:3 pp15-32 >>


Co-creating Knowledge Online - free PDF booklet. 2013 >>.

Appropriate Approaches to Online Community - free PDF booklet. 2012 >>

ABC Pool - online community manager (Sydney, Australia) 2009-2010

Gift of Light - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2008

Artists in Schools Program - artist in residence (Melbourne, Australia) 2007-2008

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - lecturer and tutor (Melbourne, Australia) 2007

Next Wave Festival - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2005-2006

Next Wave Festival - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2003-2004

Melbourne Aquarium - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2003


Freelance designer - various projects (Australia) 2000-2011

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - senior designer (Melbourne, Australia) 2007-2008

Oven Digital - web designer (Sydney, Australia) 1999-2000

Abuzz Technologies - touchscreen interface designer (Sydney, Australia) 1997-1999

Dedicated Micros - web designer (Sydney, Australia) 1995-1997


Gallery of Modern Art - performance w/ boat-people (Brisbane, Australia) 2010

Cockatoo Island - artist residency w/ boat-people (Sydney, Australia) 2010

International Symposium of Electronic Art - networked artwork commission (Belfast, Northern Ireland) 2009

Creative Sydney Festival - live VJ performance (Sydney, Australia) 2009

Alfred Deakin Innovation Lectures - invited speaker (Melbourne, Australia) 2008

Electrofringe Festival - artist residency (Newcastle, Australia) 2008

d’ART - exhibited net artwork (Sydney, Australia) 2004

Melbourne Festival - outdoor projection w/ boat-people (Melbourne, Australia) 2002

Awards and Fellowships

Microsoft Research New England (MSR) - Funded visit to the Social Media Collective 2013

Oxford Internet Institute - summer doctoral program 2012

Queensland University of Technology - doctoral scholarship 2010

Australia Council for the Arts - travel bursary, India 2007

Australia Council for the Arts - project grant 2006

Australia Council for the Arts - artist/producer fellowship 2005

Banff Centre for the Arts - artist in residence fellowship 2004

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