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researcher / educator / designer / artist

My practice explores the dynamics of networked sharing and the ethics of digital culture making. I have worked extensively as a researcher, designer, and educator, and have exhibited artistic work in Australia, the UK, and Canada. I live in Belfast.

Current Projects


Engaged as a researcher and designer on a project in collaboration with MIT’s Center for Civic Media and Open Documentary Lab to explore impact measurement in grassroots video for change projects. Led by Dr Tanya Notley, lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, and Andrew Lowenthal, director of Engage Media and visiting fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society.


Engaged as a researcher and trainer to develop and implement methods for participatory curriculum development with health service users. Led by Dr Michelle Kavanagh, School of Psychology at Queen's University Belfast.

Publications in Progress

Shea, P., T. Notley, J. Burgess. (Eds.) (Forthcoming). Entanglements: Activism and Technology. Fibreculture Journal. Issue 24. >>

Shea, P. (Forthcoming). Nurturing Hacker Agency in Post-Conflict Belfast. In Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements In Context, Eds. J. Hunsinger and A. Schrock. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Shea, P. (Forthcoming). DIY Citizenship in the ‘New Northern Ireland’: the Case of a Belfast Makerspace. In Civic Media Reader, Eds. E. Gordon and P. Mihailidis. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Previous Projects


PhD Thesis (June 2014) - An investigation of sustainable internet practices within the community arts sector in Australia. Title: Community Arts and Appropriate Internet Technology: Participation, Materiality, and the Ethics of Sustainability in the Networked Era. Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Supervisors: Jean Burgess, John Banks, Oksana Zelenko. 2010-14 >>

Creative Exchange Northern Ireland (CXNI) - Engaged as a research assistant to investigate the dynamics of creative collaboration and knowledge exchange in Northern Ireland. Led by Professor Michael Alcorn, head of the School of Creative Arts at Queen’s University Belfast, and Professor Karen Fleming, director of the Research and Design Institute at the University of Ulster 2013-14 >>

Internet Histories - Engaged as a research assistant to investigate internet histories in Australia for an Asia-Pacific wide research project encompassing China, Japan, and Korea. Led by Professor Gerard Goggin, head of the School of Media at the University of Sydney. 2011-12 >>

Mapping Online Publics - Engaged as a research assistant to investigate the Australian blogosphere. Led by Professor Axel Bruns and Associate Professor Jean Burgess, based at the Queensland University of Technology. 2010 >>

Academic Papers

Shea, P., M. Haughton, M. Alcorn, K. Fleming. (2014). Northern Ireland's Creative Meshworks: Tracing Ad Hoc Knowledge Exchange. In Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA). London. >>

Shea, P. (2013). Co-Creating Knowledge Online: Approaches for Community Artists. Cultural Science. 6:1 >>

Shea, P. (2013). Resistance is Feral: Community Arts, Digital Culture, and the New Cultural Gatekeepers. In International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA). Sydney. >>

Shea, P. (2013). The Community Art of “Reprogramming” Communication Networks. In International Association for Media and Communication Research. Dublin, Ireland.

Shea, P. (2013). Appropriate Approaches to Online Community: An Information Design Experiment. In International Association for Media and Communication Research. Dublin, Ireland.

Shea, P. (2011). Visualising Invisible Networks as Collaborative Arts Practice. In International Symposium of Electronic Art. Istanbul, Turkey.

Wilson, C., J. Hutchinson, P. Shea. (2010) Public Service Broadcasting, Creative Industries and Innovation Infrastructure: The Case of ABC’s Pool. Australian Journal of Communication. 37:3 pp15-32 >>


Co-creating Knowledge Online - free PDF booklet. 2013 >>.

Appropriate Approaches to Online Community - free PDF booklet. 2012 >>

ABC Pool - online community manager (Sydney, Australia) 2009-2010

Gift of Light - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2008

Artists in Schools Program - artist in residence (Melbourne, Australia) 2007-2008

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - lecturer and tutor (Melbourne, Australia) 2007

Next Wave Festival - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2005-2006

Next Wave Festival - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2003-2004

Melbourne Aquarium - community artist (Melbourne, Australia) 2003


Freelance designer - various projects (Australia) 2000-2011

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - senior designer (Melbourne, Australia) 2007-2008

Oven Digital - web designer (Sydney, Australia) 1999-2000

Abuzz Technologies - touchscreen interface designer (Sydney, Australia) 1997-1999

Dedicated Micros - web designer (Sydney, Australia) 1995-1997


Gallery of Modern Art - performance w/ boat-people (Brisbane, Australia) 2010

Cockatoo Island - artist residency w/ boat-people (Sydney, Australia) 2010

International Symposium of Electronic Art - networked artwork commission (Belfast, Northern Ireland) 2009

Creative Sydney Festival - live VJ performance (Sydney, Australia) 2009

Alfred Deakin Innovation Lectures - invited speaker (Melbourne, Australia) 2008

Electrofringe Festival - artist residency (Newcastle, Australia) 2008

d'ART - exhibited net artwork (Sydney, Australia) 2004

Melbourne Festival - outdoor projection w/ boat-people (Melbourne, Australia) 2002

Awards and Fellowships

Microsoft Research New England (MSR) - Funded visit to the Social Media Collective 2013

Oxford Internet Institute - summer doctoral program 2012

Queensland University of Technology - doctoral scholarship 2010-2013

ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation - doctoral scholarship 2010-2013

Australia Council for the Arts - travel bursary, India 2007

Australia Council for the Arts - project grant 2006

Australia Council for the Arts - artist/producer fellowship 2005

Banff Centre for the Arts - artist in residence fellowship 2004

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